Office of the Directors, Student Life: Student Hub

Our offices are based in the Chancellery and oversee a wide range of student learning and development opportunities and support services.

All our initiatives are managed and coordinated by professional and academic staff across a number of business areas:

Careers and Employment

Helping students find the right job, developing their career paths, internships and cadetships

Counselling and Psychological Services [CAPS]

Showing students how to de-stress, manage relationship issues, build psychological flexibility, and offering free and confidential individual counselling 

Student Development

Transition, engagement, support and development activities and resources including O'Week, peer mentoring, UNSW Advantage, Student@UNSW newsletter and Uni-Verse app

Learning Centre

Giving students a boost with their Academic skills, English conversational classes, individual help with writing for disciplines, how-to reference guides

The Nucleus: Student Hub

A one-stop-shop for advice and support with essential university processes from enrolment to graduation

Disabilities Services

A place for students with a disability to have their Educational adjustments worked out and put in place

Student Development International (SDI)

Offering International students a range of support and development opportunities, orientation, cultural mentoring, visa enquiries

Educational Support Service

Our advisors help students make the most of their time at UNSW and get back on track or stay on track with personal, study and uni related matters

UNSW Community Development - Diversity

LGBTQI Awareness raising, Racism, Bullying and Harassment campaigns, promoting diversity

Our other responsibilities include: