Disability information for Staff

There are over 1,300 students registered with Disability Services studying at UNSW.

If you have received a Letter of Support from one of your students from the Disability Team and you want to know more about what to do, or if you suspect that a student in your class may have a disability or health condition impacting on their study please go to the Disability Services Overview page which has all the information you need. On the site you will find facts about educational adjustments, confidentiality, special consideration, and inclusive teaching practices.

You can also have a look a the Creating Accessible Teaching & Support (CATS) website for more information on inclusive teaching practices and practical things you can do to make university life more enjoyable for all your students.

Disability Action Plan

The Disability Action Plan 2014 - 2018 (DAP) provides a way forward to ensure equality of access across UNSW. By giving specific consideration to those with a disability, it enables all UNSW students and staff to achieve to their highest potential.

The DAP identifies a vision and intent for each of seven focus areas:

  • Policy and planning
  • Learning and teaching
  • Digital environment
  • Built environment
  • Support infrastructure
  • Campus life
  • Workplace environment

The DAP can be downloaded (.pdf) at this link.