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We believe that real success is achieved when students feel well-supported, have a strong connection to the UNSW community and engage in activities that complement their study programs.

Within this site you'll find a wealth of info, resources and links to help your students get the most out of their time at UNSW.

 Who we are

All our initiatives are managed and coordinated by expert staff within a number of professional disciplines...

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Staff support 

We offer a variety of initiatives that complement classroom learning, and advice on where to refer students to help them stay on track with their studies...

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Student Support

We provide a wide range of services to help students develop and reach their potential in areas such as career and professional development, leadership, counselling, academic skills support, educational adjustments...

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Pre-uni programs

We take responsibility for a number of alternative entry pathways for students with the motivation to succeed, but who may not have had the opportunity because of low ATAR scores or life circumstances...

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